My Name is Brendan, I have been on Gili for 4 years now. I came here for a short holiday and never left and no plans of going anywhere. I built this hostel a bit over a year ago and was involved with a few bars on the island before that. Come find me at JUNGLE BAR for some shots in the best pre-drink bar on the Island! You can ask me any question about the island and I'll be more than happy to help you! Most the staff call me dad (not boss)! Feel free to ask me anything.



Hey guys, I’m Ryan! Born and raised in England but luckily found this little slice of paradise not too long ago! If you ever need help with anything or just fancy a chin wag and someone to have a beer with, don’t hesitate to ask! (especially if it’s the beer) you will probably find me leading the charge on drinking games! So come say hello and let’s have fun!


Hey hey! My name is Berly, I've been coming to Gili T for a year now and can't seem to leave the island, just loving it here way too much. Originally from Borneo, Indonesia but have been living and studying in Perth, Australia. Now working at My Mate's Place as the Manager but obviously here as your dedicated party guide haha I'll teach you how to do the floss and we can all dance and party together!!

Don't know what the floss is? Go check it out!



Yo! My name is Arman and I love music, bartending and partying! I have lived on the island for eight years now and have worked in many places. I recently finished DJ school in Jogjakarta and I am now a Barman at My Mates Place.. So come see me for some shots and challenge me at beer pong! Then lets party!


Helloooo... I'm Yadi and I live in paradise Gili Trawangan! i really love meeting new people and I'm the local manager in hostel. Everyone is always welcome to stay with us and party with the crew! I helped Brendan build the hostel from the beginning so if you have a question - come ask me! I have all the info you need and will show you around Gili T to all the best places! 


What’s up y’all?! My name is Andrew. Originally from Santa Monica but I’ve been globe trotting for over 6 years now. Landed on Gili T a year ago and never left! Catch me at the big table playing drinking games or telling stories from my crazy travels. No matter where you’re from, you can sit with us!


Hi guys! I'm Heri and I am originally from Lombok. I moved to Gili Trawangan five years ago, so I know a lot about the island and know the best places to go - especially for the party! I started working at My Mate's Place two weeks after it opened.. It is the best place to work, socialise and meet new friends. Come down to the bar and lets play some drinking games! Cheers, see you soon!


Hey! My name is Demas, but you can call me'The freshest cocktails maker and disc jockey in all of the land'.. I am originally from Bali and I have worked on the island now for a few years, including Le Pirate Resort. I am a DJ part time in Lombok and recently, I came fifth in a DJ competition. I work at reception, so when you check in come and see me - i look forward to meeting you and hearing about your travel stories!


Heya, my name is Made, I'm from Bali but I'm raised in Lombok. I've been in Gili Trawangan since l finished high school. For almost 6 years I've been working different jobs in Gili and my last job before My Mate's Place was the bar called Jungle Bar, where I bartended for two years and met Brendan. Now I'm working as a barman at this awesome hostel and I love the parties.

Let me make you a drink!